Friday, March 11, 2011

How to make My Birthday Badge

So, I have to start by stating that this is not my original idea, I scrap lifted it from on latest Creating Keepsakes Magazine.  Saw it advertised and just had to recreate it.  So here is my take on it.  I used the following paper stack from DCWV  The Celebration Stack.  Which I really love!  Lots of Bright colors!!!  Very YUMMY!

I start with cutting two - 2in. strips of pattern paper. 

Second, you will take your two strips, and score each strip every 1/2 in.

Third, you will start folding each score line, accordion style. ( Remember to start one strip with the first fold down and the second strip with the first fold up.  Hope that makes sense.)

after you have fold both strip you will connect one end to one strip and the other end to the other end.

You will end up with something like this;

Then you will punch out a circle, as far as size, just make sure it's big enough to fit on the back but not larger than your rosette.

Then I place the circle punch in the middle of your rosette.

Then you will place a large dot of glue, I use hot glue because it dries fast and that is what you need.  While the glue is still hot, you will gather the top edges of your rosette and push then downward and pressing then towards the center.  It's a little difficult at first but once you get it, it gets easier.  Hold the rosette flat until the glue dries.

Then you are done making your rosette.  Now it's time to embellish it.  So for this I just cut out several different sized circles .

Then I stamped the smallest one with Joy'sLife Stamps.

Then I added some bling, of course!!!

Then on the second smallest circle I added strips of ribbon to the back of the circle and looped them to give you a flower effect.

Then I glued it to my rosette, then I added the stamped sentiment.

Then I punched another circle and ran my ATG gun over one side of the circle then cut different styles and lengths of ribbon.  I then attached the ribbon to the sticky circle.  Then I hot glued the circle to the back of the rosette.

I then added the pin and clip to the back using hot glue once again.

And here is the finished Badge.
Just a little FYI, to make sure your pattern flows all around the rosette, cut strips from two of the same 12x12 pattern paper.  I did not do this on my first one so, as you can see the patterns are not the same.  So I made another one.

Well I hope you like them, and hope that you understood these instructions.  If you have any question feel free to email me at  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Thanks for this info, I want to make one for my nieces 7th bday party on Sunday.

  2. That is so cool..Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. it's really cool, and the instructions are very clear!

  4. Totally doing this!!! Thank you for your clear instructions!!!

  5. Love this! I am a teacher and I can think of tons of uses for this! TFS.

  6. Tfs, I have made the rosettes before but never thought of making it into a badge.

    phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

  7. You did an awesome job with this.

  8. I made one tonight. I am so tickled by the way it turned out. It is for the "best big sister EVER!" :) Thanks for the tips. It was so easy.