Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winner of the Thank You Card Blog Hop and my Daily post for 2011

Good Morning everyone, hope you are having a very Crafty Day.  Just finished reading all the wonderful comments left on my blog.  You Ladies Rock.  First off, I need to make a public apology to Ms. Bonnie Cantu of A scrap Above, she won some of my blog candy a while back and I still have not sent it out, But for being a wonderfully patient follower, the Angels above were smiling on you because I used my Random counter to pick the winner for this blogs candy and It pop out Number 22!!! None other than Ms. Bonnie Cantu of A Scrap Above!!!!  I know, I know, I was like, really??? So as soon as I get of of here I am putting your winnings in the mail!!  Congrats and again so sorry for making you wait so long.

Okay, so for this daily post I wanted to share what I was doing last night, I got this Idea from DD Crafts Wilson, she is a super sweet lady.  I rearranged all my mini stamps and put them into a binder using baseball trading sheets.  I just love how it turned out.  I will be crafting today but they are large projects and I'm not sure if they will be done in time to share today.  So this will have to do for now.  Hope you enjoy.



  1. Love the idea for storage. I do that kind of system for all my embellishments. I have them by theme/color, so I can find my items when I need them. It works well to help me see what I actually have so I can use what I have in my stash. I use is the scraprack great organization tool.

  2. I might have to try that kind of storage..I get so frustrated when I can't find something.. what a awesome idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. ROFLMAO!!!!! Girl, you crack me up!!!
    And I promise I was not going to send the mean ol Blog candy evil collector after you, but thank you for remembering me, and it is crazy wild that you drew my name again, must be meant to be that I get some candy from you!LOL
    Do you still have my address?
    Bonnie C

  4. I LOVE how you organized your stamps. I have mine in a draw right now and it is not working for me. I was strolling around the craft store today trying to find a better way and come up with zip. So glad I saw your post. I will get started on this right away. Totally conveinent that you can take the book right to your scrap table and flip through for what you need. You solved a HUGE problem for me.


  5. wow thanks Martha I am so happy you are using this method too, isn't great, I just love it! thanks for mentioning me too! Debbie

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