Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Personal New Years Challenge to "ME" Project #1

So for this New Year I have challenged myself to post a new project every day of the year!!!  Now to most this is no big deal, but anyone who really follows my blog can tell you I don't always keep up with it like I should.  So this year I decided to work more on my blog and try and get it up to where it should be.  So here is my first project for this challenge.  My husband took me to Archiver's and dropped me off and said, "have FUN!"  So here is what I purchased: (* did not purchase punches or Imaginisce rolling tool at Archiver's already had them.)

Well, that was too much fun!  I went home and started playing with the punches and the pre cut die flowers.  First I used the McGill Paper Blossoms- now this is punch that you can make your own flowers.  There are several blossoms that you can purchase to make several different flowers.  I purchased the Star Lily and the Starburst punch to make the following flowers:  (keep in mind your flowers will differ depending on how many layers you use.)

So I had so much fun making these, I wanted to show you a quick step by step, here are the photos on how to make this flower:

First you will punch out the petals, as many as you will need to make your flower.

Second, you will arrange the flower petals from largest to smallest, thenyou will use a larfe stylus and roll the petals in the middle to form a cup like petal.

I inked the edges of all the petals.  Third step, you will punch out two starburst punches, put one of the starburst punches aside.  Take the second starburst and with your stylus press down on the center of the punch. (you will need to do this on a form mat surface).  Then you will start gluing all your petals, using the starburst as your base.

After you have glued your first layer, you will continue to glue your remaining petals from largest to smallest:

I then used some red stickles and filled in the center of the flower and put some on the points of the starburst in the center.

Then I punched out two more sets of the petals useing a green cards tock, for my leaves.  I repeated steps one and two and then flipped my flower over and glues the leaf petals to the back of my flower.

and there you have it, a beautiful 3D flower!!!  Here is a different view of your finished flower.

Okay here is the second flowers I made using the Imaginisce Petal Roller and Roly Rosie pre cut flowers.  These are pretty simple to make, everything in already cut for you, you just have to decide the combination of the layers.

Wow!  This one was a long one, thanks for hanging in there with me.  So there you have it my first projects for my New Year Challenge.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Have a Crafty Day!  See you tomorrow...



  1. Very pretty flowers. I was thinking I would have the same new years resolution to post something everyday but you were brave enough to say it out Goodluck I look forward to seeing your creations this coming year. Happy New Year.

  2. So pretty! And I'm about to be dropped off and told to have fun too! Good luck to you, I know I couldn't do that. Even thought I post a lot but not everyday! I'll be watching:o)

  3. Looks like you had fun at Archivers!! I just love that store but don't have one close to me so I can only visit it when I go up North! Loved seeing what you did with all your new goodies:)

  4. Beautiful flowers!!!My crafty resolution is to start making videos:) Wowzers!!! LOL!!!

  5. i got these for xmas! thanks for sharing yoour process--now i've got to try mine out:)