Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Witches Hats- "How To"

I am so sorry, this is sooo late, but I have been fighting a mean cold and still do not feel right.  I had wanted to post a video to show you exactly how these were made, but I have no voice!!!  So here are the quick instructions.

you will need the following:

poster boards- (depending on how many hats you will be making, 1 pb per hat)
about 12-14 sheets of double sided pattern paper
ribbon and Trims
embellishments- bling, buttons, and charms
paper trimmer
hot glue gun
circle cutter- Large
liquid Glue- one that dries clear

1.  Roll the poster board to form a cone.  Glue the ends together to keep cones shape.  Trim the bottom off to form a flat smooth surface. ( Don't worry if you crease the cone when trimming bottom, you are going to cover this up.)

2.  Once you have this done, you will start covering the cone with your pattern paper, there is no right order to this step.  Make it your own. When you start covering the top tip you will use about 10 inches of pattern paper, cover the top portion, leaving enough of the pattern paper to form a crooked tip.  You will form the tip by crumbling paper to make it look worn.  Remember to glue all your ends. (You will get glue everywhere.  This is why you need to use liquid glue that dries clear.)

3.  Next you will set the cone aside and work on the bottom rim.  Cut the largest circle you can using your circle cutter, (about 11 inches).  You will cut two circles and then adhere them together.  then you will fold the circle in half and pinch the center then fold the opposite way and pinch the center again, forming an X.

4.  Cut the center of the X, flip circle over and place your cone in the center, trace the bottom of the cone onto your pattern paper with a pencil.  From the center cut on your circle you will cut strips to the traced line, (do not go beyond the traced line.)

5.  Now place the cone over the center of the circle once again and glue it to the rim, remember to use your clear drying glue.  Once it is dry you will flip hat over and fold the strips inward and glue.  Now you hat is complete.

6.  Start decorating it.  Remember have fun with it!!! No one Witch Hat is the same!!!  I use some crepe trim to add flare to my rim.  Make It Your Own!!  Have fun...

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  1. I hope I have the time to make at least one for Sunday !!! THANK YOU so much, Martha. If this were to be sold in stores, it would cost a fortune. :) Martha C.